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    intel optane not run on z370 gaming 3 help


      Hello support team ...


      i have a problem with my pc ... and i don't know the Reason

      that is problem start when i buy the Intel optane 16 gb


      i can't drive the intel optane and when i install the setup the setup error and the massage is the bios not Compatible



      my Motherboard is Z370 Aorus Gaming 3 and my bios is F3 and after read this post






      i go to update my bios to F6




      2) now my bios is F6 and when i install the driver agian that is tell me not supoort your bios the same massage i read it before please help me

      to solve this problem and run the intel optan


      please help me ....


      Specs are:


      MSI Z370 Aorus Gaming 3

      gtx 1080 ti


      SSD KINGSTON 128 Gb

      wd  1 tb

      ST  2 tb

      Corsair 16GB RAM 2400 MHz