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    Aero Compute Board not booting




      I'm having a strange problem with the board.


      One of the aero compute board (Stand alone, not RTF) stopping booting up. There's no output on the HDMI and it's not broadcasting any network. The board was working fine before we had a hard landing. Below are the LED statuses, please let me know what is wrong.


      "The processor power on LED" is green, "M.2 Power ON LED" is green, the "Tricolor LED User Programmable" is green, the "Flight controller connected LED" is also green although I don't have any flight controllers connected.


      On the bottom side, the "Processor GPIO LED" is orange, the "PMIC power OK LED" is green, "FPGA Program Loaded LED" is Green, "M.2 SSD Active LED" is OFF.


      Just discovered that the USB port is not even supplying power...


      Thank you!