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    Where can I get a driver for my intel centrino dual band wireless adapter N 1030 that is digitally signed in a way that windows 7 will accept as valid?


      I desperately need the driver for the Intel N 1030 Dual Band Wireless Adapter, which neither Dell nor Intel supports anymore. I find it very odd that there IS A DRIVER for the SINGLE Band N 1030 at Intel Support, updated August 2017. Why no Dual Band?

      Suddenly, after six or seven years, I'm having a problem with Windows throwing Code 52 in Device Manager which refuses to install it. (Code 52: "Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the driverS required for this device. A recent hardware or software change [SUCH AS WINDOWS UPDATE???] might have installed a file that signed incorrectly or is damaged or that might be malicious software from an unknown source.")


      I imagine the problem has to do with Windows security updates since this error started after an update.


      I ran DriverEasy, which tried to install what it thinks ought to work and got BSOD. I tried it again, ready with camera this time for the BSOD, but it installed ok. Except that Windows says driver isn't for my system. It was version 15.something. My version, dated August 2011, is It has worked since October 2011, when I got it with my Dell Inspiron N7110.

      If you can help me out by providing access to the original driver (assuming its digital signature will be recognized by Windows) I'd be grateful.

      Or if you can suggest how to get Windows to recognize as "legal" the digital signature that's been there for 6.5 years, that would be all around better.


      I tried installing the driver from Intel Support for SINGLE Band N 1030 but it failed.

      NOTE: I found detailed instructions about how to change WIndows to ignore problems with driver signatures, but the OS is Windows Home Premium--NOT Professional. It does not have much along the lines of admin capabilities--gpedit.msc is missing.


      The only workaround I can find is to press F8 during boot and select the option that allows unsigned drivers. I have to remember to do this every time I reboot. But I hate to open this door to possible malicious drivers being installed. So a terrible workaround, but without it, I have no wireless.


      Dave Slomer