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    CherryTrail x5 z-8350: How to boot from USB for a Windows clean install?


      Hi everyone,


      First time here, so please, don't take offense if I'm asking a question you've already replied to a zillion time...


      The title says it all, but I'll elaborate anyway: I recently bought a very cheap laptop (Schneider SCL141CTP) with a very nice 14.1" screen, but with a major gripe, i.e. it has Windows 10 Home on it, and I'd like to upgrade to Pro.


      Went through the upgrade rigamarole, got the infamous "We couldn't upgrade your system..." error message after entering my legit Windows 10 Pro product key, went back to the Microsoft Store, and was only "offered" to buy another license for Windows 10 Pro, but since I already have one, I don't see the point in buying another one, especially considering that my other computer is a Mac, and my Windows 10 Pro license is currently unused.


      I have a legit Windows 10 Pro ISO (2, in fact: one 32-bit, and one 64-bit, both downloaded from Microsoft), and my question here is twofold: how can I make my laptop to boot from a bootable USB drive to perform a clean install, and how can I install a 64-bit version, knowing that the CPU IS a 64-bit CPU?


      I have made several attempts, all fruitless. I really need a play-by-play tutorial here.