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    intel crash report




      I am experiencing an issue with a users computer after each restart we get a intel crash report. I have updated all drivers and still experience the crash report. The report offers no information as to what the issue might be. Any help would be useful.

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          Al Hill

          No error code, nothing?  No blue screen?


          How about some information, like system model number, processor model number, operating system, memory, etc.


          When did this start happening?  How did you update ALL the drivers?  Did you use one of those driver websites?

          Do you have a backup?


          Provide all the pertinent information.  The report of "no information" is as vague as your question/post.



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            • Computer information is as below:
            • LENOVO 20BE003NUS
            • Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4600M CPU @ 2.90GHz 2.90GHz, 256KB Level 2 cache
            • Phoenix BIOS SC-T v2.1 LENOVO - 2310


            • No error code no Blue screen no information. The crash report show jiberish. I updated all the driver using both the intel drivers tool and the lenovo driver tool. Yes we have a backup.
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              Al Hill

              Ok,if you updated the drivers, then the system must be running at some point.


              Do you know that the disk is good, and that the memory is good?  Do you know that the system is NOT overheating and that the power supply is good?


              When did this start happening?  And, you still are not providing the operating system.


              Without other information to help focus on an area, your best bet is to take the PC to a repair shop.



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                The system is running fine memory checked out fine. ran all the lenovo checks for the system no issues. Issue began 3 days ago. I have check for drivers and updates that might have installed around this time and nothing since last week. The OS is windows 10.

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                  Al Hill

                  I hate to keep asking, but how did you test the memory?  And, do you know if the disk is good?  If so, how?


                  What is it you think we can do here?  At this point, there is nothing to indicate that there is any problem with the processor.  Unless you have an overheating issue, or a problem with graphics causing crashes, there is nothing we can do.



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                    Al Hill Thanks for your questions but I am not sure your providing any support to the issue thanks for your responses. please no longer reply.

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                      He's providing all of the help that is possible with the minuscule amount of information that you are providing!


                      Start explaining yourself better and maybe you might get something useful out of this.