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    iastor (9.5,9.6) BSOD 0x7E


      I do have a massive problem with the new 9.x iastor driver
      on machines that run on IDE mode instead of RAID or AHCI
      Some machines lack the necessary BIOS setting!
      I am talking about business here
      HP dc7100, dc7600, dc7700, dc7800, dc7900 a view dc8000
      and in the near future dc8100
      chipsets are
      7100    915G
      7600    945G
      7700    Q965
      7800    Q35
      7900    Q45


      My job is to get Windows(x32) and software installed
      I am using a bartpe (PXE) to start the setup
      and here the troubles start
      I had included iastor drivers 7.0 and 8.6 to setup my Desktops
      and it worked as expected
      but if i add the new 9.5 or 9.6 driver i earn a BSOD during the boot of my bartpe
      0x7E (0xC0000005,0x80880211,0xF790C530,0xF790C22C)
      on any machine that run in IDE mode
      Normally the driver should not interfere on systems that run in IDE mode
      but this driver does!
      Even if i add only 9.x iastor
      Even if i modify txtsetup.oem to run only on DEV_3B29 DEV_3B2F DEV_3B22 DEV_2822 DEV_282A
      and use 8.9 on other devices
      This driver only work on dc7900 in AHCI mode, dc7800 in RAID (2 HDD)
      and a core7 lenovo X201s
      The dc7800 model lack the AHCI BIOS option!


      If i revert my bartpe to use 7.0 and 8.9 of iastor
      i am able to boot and see the HDD on my systems as it should be
      except the core7
      But if a integrate the new iastor 9.x into XP (txtsetup.sif,dosnet.inf)
      the system hang (0x7E) after loading the iastor driver during text setup of Xp
      The text setup is only succesfull on dc7900 in AHCI mode, dc7800 RAID and the core7 system

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          Great user name by the way...on a Intel site.

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            I can now definitely say

            that the iastor driver 9.5 and 9.6 crash with a BSOD


            0x7E (0xC0000005,....)


            If the machine is running on >>>IDE (compatibility) mode<<<


            using bartpe or including the driver into a XP cd


            In boh cases you'll got this BSOD

            Even if you use a orinal XP/2003 cd and add the driver by hand using F6 (Setup is starting Windows->BSOD)


            I know its creazy to add a sata driver if you run your HDD in ide mode


            but the driver got loaded if you integrate it into your setup and than got loaded even its not useful


            I run my test on a Lenovo L510 (Core2Duo), X201(Corei5), X201s(Corei7) next to mine HP7100-8000 machines

            Always BSOD if the Sata controller is on IDE mode