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    DP55WG: Adaptec ASR 5805  RAID10 hangs with error 0xc9 during BDS

      Intel Core i7 860
      Intel DP55WG  (KGIBX10J.86A.4905.2010.0402.1639 - latest BIOS to date)
      2 x 2GB dual channel ddr3 1600 Kingmax HyperX
      Gigabyte 8400GS
      Enermax Revoution 1050W
      Adaptec ASR 5805 (latest BIOS to date)
      4 x 2TB WD2002FYPS (RE4-GP Enterprise)

      2 x 80GB SATA Seagate

      Windows Server 2003 SP2


      When configured in RAID10 with four 2TB drives  the Adaptec controller hangs with error 0xC9 during "Boot Device Selection" (POST CODE 65 on the motherboard). Any other type of RAID works fine. Tried also a RAID10 with four 80G Segatate drives, but with no success.


      I tried all the options from Adaptec support, they tested the same type of controller on a server motherboard and never had this problem. Unfortunately they don't have a DP55WG to test it.