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    Matrix option ROMv7, Win10 and Matrix Control Manager Incompatibility


      I updated my PC to Windows 10 many months ago and now I have a problem when trying to run the Matrix Storage Manager in Win10.  The error message says a driver wont load.


      I am seeing this now because one drive in my RAID1 array wouldn't be recognized.

      My PC has Intel Matrix Storage Manager option ROM v7.6.6.1002 ICH9R.


      I'm trying to get the drive recognized and rebuilt. I unplugged the SATA cable to the good drive.  Rebooted to the option ROM menu, removed the bad drive from the RAID.  Shut off PC.  Reattached the good drive, then started the PC.  At the option ROM menu, I chose the 2nd drive to be rebuilt. Then the ROM manager showed the 2nd drive as having a SMART Event and the volume as being rebuilt.  There was a message saying that the volume would be rebuilt from within the operating system.


      So, if I can't load the Matrix Manager in Win10, will the volume actually get rebuilt?  If it wont get rebuilt, what do I need to do to get the Storage Manager to work again in Win10?




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          What processor and chipset do you have?


          My understanding is that Windows 10 DOES NOT support:


          1. Processors older than 3rd generation Intel Core.
          2. Chipsets older than the 7 Series.
          3. Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RST, which replaced Intel Matrix Storage Manager) on chipsets older than the 8 Series -- which means that, obviously, Intel Matrix Storage Manager is not supported at all.


          When you upgraded to Windows 10, the Windows-based driver and runtime software were removed/disabled and no replacement was provided (because there is none). The hardware-based operation of the existing array will continue to work, but you cannot make any changes to the configuration or monitor it from Windows 10. I thought that you could continue to make changes from the BIOS Setup Option ROM. It would seem, however, that rebuilds done in the O/S environment are not possible (because driver/software is not working).