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    HDMI audio works for some games and not others



         I am having the same issue as thread (Re: HDMI Audio works for some games, not for others )...  Unfortunately the link provided to follow (towards the end by Alberto) is referencing one specific game and thus does not help the community with the underlying issue affecting other games.


      For example I have a game that will recognize and use the Realtek sound card when there are headphones plugged into my NUC7i5BNH, but does not recognize any sound card when just using the Intel Display Audio with hdmi. This is using the latest ( display driver. However if I uninstall it, reboot, and install (which has the Display Audio driver the game recognizes the Display Audio and works as it should.


      This issue was introduced at least 5 months ago and needs to be fixed. At this point I can no longer update my display and audio drivers ever again, which isn't acceptable. Please provide us (your loyal customers) an update and ETA on resolution so our expectations can be properly set.


      If you need more logs please let me know what to provide.


      Thank you