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    I bought an Intel D945GTP


      I won what I was later told is a server on eBay in 2008.


      Dear 1bikerchick4god,
      We hope  that you will enjoy your purchase. Your payment has been received
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      Item  title: Intel Pentium4 3.4ghz 2gb Ram 250gbHD PC  1326
      Web Address: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=400003311975
      Item  number: 400003311975
      Buyer User ID: 1bikerchick4god
      Seller User  ID: glealmet
      Your total: $179.99

      Thank you very much. Your  business is much appreciated.


      My Compaq's motherboard died and I was looking in the auctions to get another pc.  This system had no cdrom and came with a brick type Seasonic PSU.  A Jr. tech at the local cmty college install the mobo inside my Compaq case, put XP Home on the drive and I was very happy with the increased performance for just over a year.


      I was cleaning out the registry this past Jan. with IObit freeware - and yes, I learned my lesson - I will never clean the registry again without backing up the system first - I lost at least windows explorer's normaliz.dll file although I think I recall 3 errors


      After much research on the internet I pulled the drive out copied pictures & documents and did a repair of Windows using my licensed copy of XP Pro.  I have recently learned you can upgrade home to pro and apparently that is what happened.  Herein lies the problem...


      Now that XP Pro is installed, I have come to the conclusion that Pro has incorporated the mobo's security settings because there are things I cannot do now that I could prior to the repair.  I do not have access to a licensed Home CD so I am kinda stuck with what I have.  How on earth do I disable the security settings?  I spent a lot time in control panel>admin tools>comp mngmt>local users and changed many of the permissions to include my acct. and even though I am admin I have trouble downloading ie8 for example and other software updates, saying I don't have permission. I am logged in as nrphotos, as apparent admin, but I see the disabled admin acct for NANCYR that was created by XP (had to be XP as I didn't offer my name, must have come from the registration).


      Am I making any sense? I thought I'd post in Intel's forum because I think it's Intel/XP security I am having trouble with.  I was instructed my MS to use a prgrm called FIXIT because I was unable to download ie8.  After the 'fix' my self-installed network card wasn't recognized and most security settings have been reverted.


      I await your replies.  Any help is appreciated.  I had the same permission errors whether I enabled or disabled NANCYR.  I am confused because there is no other user.  Thank you.  NancyScreenHunter_08 Apr. 13 03.00.jpg


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