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    D435 + fisheye camera


      Hi there,


      I'd like to have a fisheye color image and wide depth image. Therefore, if there a way to do it, such D435+tracking module T150? please advise it, thanks!

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          You could attach a T150 trackimg module to a caseless D430 circuit board module version of the camera (the D430 is the camera board used inside the D435 USB camera model).  This would give you an IMU with gyro and accelerometer.  If you wanted to use the camera with a USB lead on a computer, you would though have the problem of purchasing additional electronics parts to give the board USB connectivity.


          I do not know if it is possible to open up a D435 casing, add the T150 module and re-seal the case.  Doing so would certainly invalidate the camera's warranty though.


          If you need a USB camera and don't want to have to do any fiddling with electronics, you could consider the older ZR300 camera model (the D435's predecessor), which has an IMU with gyro, accelerometer and fisheye built into it.  The ZR300 is now officially retired and is becoming very hard to track down stock of.  The highly reputable company Farnell also has 5 left in stock at the moment though.



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            Thanks for the useful information.


            I need the wide depth FoV and high frame rates, therefore the D435 is better than ZR300.


            Also, I have a bare D435 module. But I do not know if it is possible to add the T150 module to D435? 


            Is there a way to buy a T150 module for testing? 

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              You probably have the D430 module then, as D435 is the code-name for the cased USB version of the camera that contains the D430 board.


              The T150 Tracking Module can be attached to a 50-pin connector (the 'Tracking Module Receptacle') on the D4 Vision Processor part of the camera.  Page 41 onwards of the full data sheet document for the RealSense 400 Series cameras describes the T150 Tracking Module and includes connection diagrams.




              I managed to track down a part number -   82635DSTRMDLPRQ - for the T150 Tracking Module, and googling that number made it easier to find stockists.  I did an extensive search but nobody has stock of it right now, which is unsurprising considering that Intel's official store has had its own supply delays with the D435 model up until now.  Stockists may get the T150 in once Intel has more stock to provide them.


              Intel has a store for product integrators called Design In-Tools where you can purchase preview versions of hardware for testing before it goes on public sale.  It takes 7 to 10 business days though to complete registration of an account so that you can login, and I do not know if the T150 is included in the RealSense parts that the store can supply.



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                Thanks for the useful information.


                I noticed the 82635DSTRMDLPRQ  is unavailable. The ZR300 is also have a tracking module. I don't know the tracking module of ZR300 is 82635DSTRMDLPRQ?

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                  The link below has details about the ZR300's IMU part.


                  Re: ZR300: IMU specifications


                  I looked at the ZR300's data sheet document and it seems that its tracking component is hard-wired onto the camera board and can't be removed or replaced with unplugging / plugging..

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                    It seems the tracking component is unavailable at the moment.


                    Therefore, is there any way I can use other fisheye camera.

                    For instance, If I get a OV2710 sensor and it's fisheye lens, can I link the color camera to D4 vision processor board?


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                      There is some flexibility for using a custom RGB sensor using an interface called MIPI.  The link below discusses the subject.


                      Re: RGB Camera for D435/D415 Depth Modules


                      On a D430 type camera board, the RGB sensor can connect to the 50 pin Tracking Receptacle.  So you can have either an RGB Sensor or the T150 Trackimg Module with IMU (gyro, accelerometer, fisheye) attached to it.


                      I would suspect that you might be able to attach your own choice of fisheye physically to the camera board if you could create a 50 pin connection cable that corresponds to the pin-out specifications in the camera's data sheet document, with one end connecting to the camera board and the other end to the fisheye camera.  I do not know how well the camera would work in practice though.

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                        If I uses a fisheye RGB camera that connects to the 50pin Tracking Receptacle, can it align to D435's depth camera? Is there a way to align the optional color sensor to depth sensor? Thanks!


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                          As RGB and depth streams can be aligned with an ordinary D435 camera with the default RGB sensor, I would assume in theory that some kind of alignment would be possible with a custom RGB sensor too.  I have no way to know what results you would get in practice though.

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                            Intel Corporation
                            This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                            Hello fshsu, 

                            In theory this can be done, however Intel does not support it and opening the chassis of the D435 will void it's warranty. You would have to calibrate the extrinsics using the available calibration tools. 

                            Best Regards, 
                            Juan N.

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                              I have a question about creating a custom camera adapter (50 pin connection cable).  How to get technical support?



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                                Building your own custom cable could be problematic.  The end connectors use a special type of connector called an I-PEX, named after the manufacturer.  Individual people who make inquiries to I-PEX for a quote for this part usually do not get a reply though, feedback from users indicates.   There is also little chance at present of purchasing a pre-made cable.


                                It is possible that you could construct your own cable and use your own connector housings (maybe 3D printed ones so the sizes match with the official connectors).  The best reference may be to look at the design of the 50-pin "interposer" cable in the D435 that connects the D4 Vision Processor component to the camera's depth module, since this connector and the other 50 pin connector on the same board that custom sensors connect to are probably the same.


                                Pages 41 to 45 of the RealSense 400 Series data sheet document describe this cable, though the pin-outs may not be of much use as they relate to the connection to the depth module, not connection to a custom sensor..




                                If you would like official Intel support at a higher level than that which is normally available, you can talk to your local Intel representative to set up a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with Intel.  Support staff on this forum apparently cannot set up an NDA, unfortunately.

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                                  Thanks for your reply. I'm looking for the Email Technical Support. My email address is fusonghsu@gmail.com

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                                    Support options for RealSense are more limited than other types of Intel product, because RealSense is classified as a "Development Product" (equipment that you use to create your own project).  So the two main channels for assistance are to post on this forum (as you have just done) or open a support ticket on the Intel website. 


                                    To start a support ticket, please visit the link below and click on the 'Intel RealSense Camera' option under the Development Products heading.  Then on the next page, click on 'Online Service Request'.


                                    Contact Intel Support

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