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    Intel Optane Not Detected In BIOS Or Windows




      My 32GB Intel Optane Memory is not detected anymore in BIOS or Windows. I tried looking for it on everything, NVMe configuration in bios, device manager, Intel Rapid Storage, etc. I cannot find it, it's not detected. I installed it 100% correctly and securely in my computer. My system is a RAID 0, so I'm using both of my hard drives so I can install Intel Optane. I did the following steps:


      1. Clear the RAID, set both as default again

      2. DISKPART Clean all for both hard drives

      3. Installed the Intel Optane Module in different slots, nothing happened

      4. Reinstalled Windows

      5. I reset one of the hard drives as non-optane before any of the steps above


      Please help me, I am new at this since I'm not that familiar with software.