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    in a laptop with 4gb of ram gpu "eats" 1.6gb of ram


      Hi , i am fairly new with all gpu thing but  seen in a 4gb laptop that 1.6gb of ram been used by the gpu , seems outrageous to me.

      I understand that is a bios configuration made by lenovo , but i can't believe that i can't reconfigure that.

      Anyone could configure this amount of memory from kernel or config files in linux?

      Thanks in advance


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          Hello zerodmg,

          Thank you for contacting us; it will be more than a pleasure to assist you again.

          The shared memory is dynamically allocated to balance the needs of the operating system and all running applications, so the more you apps you run, the more memory you use.

          In some cases you can adjust the actual memory usage into a “maximum/minimum state” but that will be a setting that will be handled through the BIOS of your machine, keep in mind that some OEMs block or remove this setting, for more information about it please contact the computer manufacturer so they can provide you with all the required settings in order to adjust it.

          Regarding the configuration of the amount of memory from the actual kernel or the configuration files in Linux, we strongly recommend you to post a new thread into the Intel Open source communities found at:


          I hope this helps.

          Best Regards,

          Diego S.