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    Computesticks not working with fiber extender...Help needed!




      I'm using three different Intel Computesticks. Two Atom-based slower ones with Win 8.1 and one Core3 version with Win10. I'm using these with Blackbox Serswitch fiber DVI+USB extender over fiber cable.


      For some mystical reason, there's a problem with 2 computesticks with the fiber but one of the Atom sticks is working ok. HDMI signal and usb missing and I have to restart everything many times before the monitor signal starts to work. But after video signal is working, the same thing with usb...windows doesn't recognize devices (usb&mouse). I have to reconnect USB-devices many times to get them working finally.


      There's not this kind of problem with one of the Atom sticks, only with 2 other. This is strange. Any idea what I could try in bios or windows settings?


      I have tried to contact Blackbox but this seems to be the PC issue. I would really need to get these working properly! -:)


      Thank you,