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    Intel Compute Stick STK1A32SC won't boot from anything


      Hello All


      I just got a STK1A32SC with no pre-loaded OS


      My intent is to install Ubuntu on it.


      I followed the direction on Ubuntu's site for making the USB bootable and nothing works for me.


      I've tried two USB drives, one USB 2.0 , one USB 3.0

      I've tried RUFUS to make them with different options.

      I've tried to use the MicroSD with RUFUS

      I've tried a burned DVD of the ISO


      In the F7 flash tool I read both USB drives


      But in the Bios I see nothing

      BIOS has been updated

      USB boot is enabled.


      All i ever get is "A bootable device has not been detected"


      I've confirmed that the media i'm making is bootable on a Lenovo Tiny PC.


      Not sure what I'm doing wrong.