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    VIRUS? Intel(R) Security Assist / isa.exe


      Hey! i try type quick & short.. do i have some kinda of virus? i'm getting more and more of these isa.exes running in background like as shown in attachmant / picture.


      After Windows 10 creator update or somethin (where they added that new 3D painting tool n stuff.) my laptop / tablet got super slow but didn't got time to mess around much.


      I scanned many times with malwear-bytes all fine no threads.


      Now new Windows 10 updates is coming out but i'm gettin errors and can't download them (can't download, unchaning things blablabla.. annoyin af).


      Anyways lets just talk about this isa.exe.. why do i have like 10+++ of them in background?


      And (when i boot / turn on my laptop i'm gettin wierd many same looking exes/apps quickly poppin / turning on and off, only can see small white tab, and icons on task bar hmmm...).


      So what you guys thing? what is this? i saw some posts on google but non of them told much.






      Found many people having problems with Windows 10 update (KB4093112) it's ight.. just gonna wait for next update / fixed  one.



      PS: here are some more pictures of my system if needed.. pls help meh fix that isa.exe