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    High temperatures on Intel MB DG45ID


      Hi everyone,


      I have built a system on DG45ID and Q8200.




      Programs  used are Everest and Speed Fan, because Intel desktop utilities are unavaiable for download from Intel website.


      My system is:
      Windows XP (32bit)

      QuadCore Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200, 2333 MHz (7 x 333)

      Kingston - 4 GB ( 2 x 2 GB ) DDR2 [800 MHz] - Dual Channel

      NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT  (1024 MB)
      Samsung HD SATA 2 - 500Gb x2

      Added 1Tb - Western Digital (931 GB, IDE)
      Power XFX 850W

      Cooler Zalman CNPS 9700

      Server cabinet ( a lot of space) with 3 coolers for fresh air (2 at bottom and 1 at middle for the board), a big fan for exhausting near the Zalman, another near the video card for exhausting and an lateral grid 20cmX15cm.

      memory chipset sink (this lowered my ICH temperatures almost 10 °C - from 62 to 54C !)

      Tests with additional exhausting fan (100cfm or higher)  don´t show any improvement/decrease on the temperatures; tests with coolers at 100% don´t show any changes.


      Problem #1:


      Everest shows me:


      Field    Value
      Sensor Properties   
      Sensor Type    Intel QST  (HECI Driver)
      GPU Sensor Type    Diode  (NV-Diode)
      Motherboard    31 °C  (88 °F)
      CPU    35 °C  (95 °F)
      CPU #1 / Core #1    43 °C  (109 °F)
      CPU #1 / Core #2    29 °C  (84 °F)
      CPU #1 / Core #3    31 °C  (88 °F)
      CPU #1 / Core #4    31 °C  (88 °F)
      GPU Diode    47 °C  (117 °F)
      Temperature #1    54 °C  (129 °F)  ICH
      Temperature #2    66 °C  (151 °F)  MCH
      Seagate ST3500418AS    30 °C  (86 °F)
      Seagate ST3500418AS    30 °C  (86 °F)
      WDC WD10EARS-00Y5B1    33 °C  (91 °F)
      Cooling Fans   
      GPU    35%
      Voltage Values   
      CPU Core    1.13 V
      Aux    1.12 V
      +3.3 V    3.39 V
      +5 V    5.15 V
      +12 V    12.05 V




      My motherboard is new and any changes could make loss the warranty.


      I read  some discussions about changing the chipsets heatsinks and the original thermal grease on the top of the chipsets.


      I am very worried with 66°C in the MCH and don´t know how to cool down it and also about the ICH temperature.




      Problem #2:


      If we need to use other coolers than the original (need to change the original that came with my Q8200 to a Zalman) and change chipsets, thermal grease and so, and I need to spend more money, I would prefer that Intel had offered a solution for this -  I would be glad to choose a top product (named IceDale) and to make a good choice and would have paid for it or at least, in the manual they could present  good instructions on how to do this safely and right.


      Any way the manual or in Intel´s site should be clearly presented and explanation about these temperatures with examples and how to deal with them or not worry about them.





      Any solution?


      I would be thankful for an answer!



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          You have nothing to worry about wiht those temps they are well within the limits. Chipsets simply get hot.

          If you look at this http://downloadmirror.intel.com/15991/eng/DG45ID_TechProdSpec.pdf page 60 specifically.

          You can find this document on the motherboards support page under TPS or technical product specification http://www.intel.com/Products/Desktop/Motherboards/DG45ID/DG45ID-technicaldocuments.htm

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            dogfruit is right, there is no problem.

            your system configuration, on the other hand, makes me wonder what the purpose is

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              Cpt.Dogfruit and Nico.



              Believe or not, I am a common user, I intend to use for work and leisure (not heavy games), altough I had  a lot of curiosity about overclocking, I don´t want to do such a thing, because I know how much I paid for every piece of hardware.


              I understand that I want to have a good pc for use without limitations to run softwares, games etc without effor or overheating problems.

              But sometimes I have regrets on this choice, because with that configuration, I have lost my first DG45ID board in normal use, with a little higher temperatures than my new ones (but MCH was the same).


              Sorry about my lack of experience but please read 2.7  "The MTBF data is calculated from predicted data at 55 ºC.  The Intel Desktop Board DG45ID MTBF is 90,335.6 hours." Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF). Electronic components can also fail, right?


              Thank you for your help, though I am not satisfied with those temperatures in a sensible hardware, no matter the information on the manual.

              I know they have tested a lot, but we cannot blame Luck, at least in electronic components.


              Thank you again Dogfruit.