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    NTFS Permission on SS4200-E



      I want to set the NTFS permissions on files that are stored in Storage SS4200-E.

      I need to set permissions in a more specific and granular way, as if managing permissions on a Windows 2003 server.

      Example: Restricting a user to delete a folder, but not files.

      How do I do that?


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          The SS4200-E is a Linux-based system and is centered around Samba CIFS functionality. Filesystem-level access is consistent with share access through the use of access control lists (ACLs). In general, an ACL entry is added to each file and directory of a share, for each user who is granted some level of access. Due to limited Linux support for the NTFS filesystem the system does the best it can by mapping the ACLs to NTFS filesystem equivalents. Unfortunately this limits the security selections. You only have the ability to select Read/Write, Read Only and No user access for files and folders.