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    Failsafe enabled: no local position - after takeoff




      Aero information:

      BIOS: Aero-01.00.13

      OS: Poky Aero 1.6.1 (pyro)

      Airmap: 1.8

      FPGA: 0xc2

      AeroFC firmware: 1.6.5


      I took my Aero out to fly its maiden voyage and it unfortunately resulted in multiple crashes. I would ARM it via QGoundControl and execute the Takeoff command from the icon. The drone would takeoff successfully, but once it reached about a height of about 15 feet it would then begin to fly towards the ground at an angle. I'm looking at a flight log at the time of the last crash and the log message that shows up is:

      WARNING - [commander] Failsafe enabled: no local position


      Is the support team aware of this behavior when the Aero takes off? I was able to reproduce this about 3 to 4 times while I was out in the field.