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    BIOS BEH6110H.86A.0020.2011.0218.1538


      Can the BIOS BEH6110H.86A.0020.2011.0218.1538 still be updated,

      I get remark on unsupported legacy bios at trying to install BEH6110H.86A.0120.EB.EXE?



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          Al Hill

          Get the bios from here:  Download BIOS Update [BEH6110H.86A]


          Use the method described here:  Recovery BIOS Update Instructions for Intel® Desktop Boards


          This will require you to have a fat32 formatted usb2.0 stick, with just the .bio file on it, and removing the bios configuration jumper on the board.


          Follow the instructions, be patient, and have a good backup of your system before you do anything.



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            You will also want to read this document before proceeding: Updating the BIOS to Support 3rd Generation Intel Core Processors. As well, understand that there can sometimes be a required order for installing BIOS updates. Check the BIOS Release Notes (here) for more information...


            Hope this helps,


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              Thank You

              but this disturbs more than it helps regarding the prior email by Al Hill

              Attached views of my motherboard ea.
              I can't discern if I should update to version 0048 prior to 0120 following the BIOS update release not.
              I'm runneng Win 7, I can't find the Intel ME on my bios specs fi.

              Please advice

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                What to do, specific to your BE BIOS, is explained in the BE BIOS Release Notes. It also explains how to determine what version of the Management Engine firmware is running. You can access these release notes here: BE BIOS 0120 Release Notes. This (edited) excerpt covers your situation:


                If the computer’s current BIOS version is earlier than 0048,


                1. You must first update to version 0048, using one of these methods: Express BIOS Update or iFlash Update.


                2. Check if the Intel Management Engine (Intel ME) Firmware is version 7.x or 8.x.



                a) Press F2 during boot to enter BIOS Setup.

                b) Go to the Main > System Identification Information screen.

                c) The Intel ME version is listed here. You may have to scroll down to see it.

                d) Press F10 to exit BIOS Setup.


                3. If the Intel ME version is 7.x, use the BE0048.BIO file to do a BIOS Recovery and then check the Intel ME Firmware version again to confirm that version 8.x has been installed.


                4. You must now update to version 0099, using one of these methods: Express BIOS Update, F7 BIOS Flash Update or iFlash Update.


                5. Finally, update to BIOS 120, using one of these methods: Express BIOS Update, F7 BIOS Flash Update or iFlash Update.


                There are no special steps required for updating from a BIOS version later than 0099 to a more current BIOS version.


                With the exception of Step 1, I recommend not using the Express BIOS Update method. I recommend you use the F7 method.


                Hope this helps,