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    intel HD 4000 drivers not working


      I have a HP Pavilion DV6-7011tx which is around 5 years old. This laptop initially came with windows 7. A few weeks back when I attemted to turn on windows which was running completly fine for the last couple of years got stuck on the logo screen and won't turn on even after restarting it a couple of times. So, I booted into the safe mode to inquire what was the issue that was interrupting with the boot. I recognised that the INTEL HD 4000 graphic driver had an error along with a couple of other devices namely- BCM20702A0, Ethernet controller, PCI Device, Universal seriel Bus (USB) controller. Thinking of a driver issue with the intel HD graphics I cleaned my hard-drive and installed windows 10 freashly, display driver was still not working. I am unnable to adjust the brightness and the screen is too bright to look at , along with this the sleep and hibernate are also not working. I tried everything on the internet . Updated my drivers, tried rolling back to the HD drivers but nothing works and the computer gives out a black screen as soon as the drivers get installed and would get stuck at logo screen, i have to disable the drivers from the safe mode in order to boot it. I even tried to restore the laptop with restore disks that i made a year ago, I used this disks to restore the laptop more that a couple of times but now it again gets stuck with a black screen as soon as the drivers get installed. Battery life has gone down from 3 hrs to mere1-1.5 hrs and the laptop gets too hot to hold. The BIOS on this device is locked so i cannot get into the advanced setting. I think that my Intel HD graphics is broken as none of the driver version is working. And yes, i have tried almost all the driver version that i could get hold on. Even the microsoft driver that comes defult with windows 10 is of no use. Your help would be appreciated.