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    Intel D865PERL Startup Problems


      Several years ago, I had a power supply failure that took out my 865 board. It was quickly replaced by Intel, but I couldn't get the new board to work. So, I replaced the motherboard with an ASUS board (using all the original components) and went on with life. Intel replaced the replacement board, but until this week I had no reason to use it. The replacement power supply died and I replaced it and while I was in the case I replaced the ASUS board with the Intel 2nd D865PERL replacement. Like the 2nd board, this board is also not working. The symptom is that while the board's green LED is lit, nothing happens when I press the power button. No ps fan, no anything. I went back to the ASUS board and it is still working. Something is clearly wrong in my installation of the 865 board, but nothing in the manual seems to be useful in troubleshooting the problem.