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    I upgraded firmware for a DS410 and now it's not detected anymore


      I upgraded the firmware for a DS410 to the latest firmware version 5.9.2 (it used to have version 5.8.9) and now the camera it's not detected as connected anymore.

      If I run lsusb I can't see the camera anymore. I can't burn the previous version of firmware either as the camera it's not detected. I have tested the camera on two different ubuntu machines and the camera is not detected in any of them.


      What can I do? have I screwed the camera? is there a factory reset somewhere?



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          Did you update the firmware on a Windows PC?  That is the only way I know of to update the firmware of a 400 Series camera at present, as a firmware updater tool for Linux is still in development and coming soon.


          The release notes for the firmware make reference to your lsusb non-detection issue.  They say: "The frequency of the problem occurrence depends on specific Kernel version.  It occurs more frequently on 4.4.0.x kernel versions and less frequently with 4.10.x kernel versions".  The recommended workaround is to unplug the camera and plug it back in.  Be sure to push it in firmly and quickly, and not push it in slowly.