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    Intel Edison shows up as Merrifield




      My intel edison used to work and then I didn't use it for quite a while. I'm trying to start using it again but i run into the problem of not being able to flash the firmware. I've tried using the setup tool, and manually flashing the edison, which prompted me to install xfstk tools, which I believe can only be done on a linux system(I'm running windows 10). When I look in Devices & Printers, the Intel Edison appears as an unknown device called Merrifield. Moreover, I don't believe my computer recognizes the Intel Edison since, upon inspection in the device manager, the only semblance of the Intel Edison is the "USB Serial Port: COM5", rather than the three ports that should be there.


      Has anyone else faced this problem and solved it? Or does anyone know how to install xfstk tools on windows?