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    NUC6i7KYK - WebGL errors in Chrome


      For almost a year, I have occasionally (daily) had one and/or two error messages in Chrome: "Rats! WebGL hit  snag   Ignore   Reload"  and/or  "We're sorry, but an error has occurred. Please reload the page.   Reload now.  Learn more."  For many months, I have expected these errors to disappear with an updating of the Intel NUC graphics driver, or Chrome. But this has not happened.  Does anyone else suffer this on their NUC?  Any explanation or solution please?  My well-maintained NUC runs W10 and no obscure software.

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          How are you connecting to the internet (wired or wireless)? Are you running the latest drivers from Intel (not the crap from Windows Update; the real drivers in Intel's DownloadCenter)?


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            Wireless. Why might that make any difference? Wired, broadband is 11Mbps. Wireless, broadband is 11Mbps.

            I have the crap from Windows Update (currently 4973) (because I had so much hassle with Intel Driver & Support Assistant installing arbitrary versions, eg. 4749, 4849, 4836). But I reckon that's not the problem Scott, 'cos this has gone on so long that I have been through several drivers.


            So, Scott, you've sort-of answered my question thanks. Because if you have not heard of this elsewhere, then it must be a problem of my configuration.


            It suspect it is graphics related. I only have 8GB RAM, which means really only 4GB if you think that Iris Pro "steals" up to 4GB. And 4k monitor. But ... I have 950PRO SSD, so Windows ought to be able to do virtual RAM plenty fast enough?

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              Why? The possibility exists that it is caused by the wireless solution stalling a stream.


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                Hello MarkDirac, 

                I am writing to follow up on your inquiry. Did you check the recommendation provided by N. Scott Pearson?

                Please let us know if you need any further help. 

                Wanner G.