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    D415 vs D435 when in move




      D415 has rolling shutter, D435 has a global shutter, I have understood that where this matters is if realsense camera is moving or not.

      So where goes the line? Is D415 for only stationery situations or can it work until say 0.x m/s movement and then you need to do use D435?

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          I believe that the difference the shutters make is that with a rolling shutter, you may get smears or breaks in the image when recording a stream of something that is in motion (either the camera moving or the object it is looking at).  An example where a global shutter is better than a rolling shutter is attaching a camera to a balloon and floating it up into the atmosphere.


          A rolling shutter would not be suitable for tracking very fast objects such as using it in a self-driving vehicle to detect other vehicles and pedestrians.


          It is hard to say how fast is too fast before an image taken with a rolling shutter starts breaking up.  So if you plan on recording movement of any kind, I would err on the side of caution and go with the D435.