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    Question) I got align problem in D435.


      How can i align RGB & Depth in D435?


      Intel gives example to align RGB camera and Depth(IR) camera, but i need adapt to opencv.


      the example show only "align in render", so i can't use them because i will use below function.



      Mat color(Size(640, 480), CV_8UC3, (void*)color_frame.get_data(), Mat::AUTO_STEP);



      so, i need align frame like below sentence form.


      rs2::frameset frames = pipe.wait_for_frames();

      rs2::frame color_frame = frames.get_color_frame();

      rs2::frame depth_frame = color_map(frames.get_depth_frame());



      So, is it possible that i can use align function like below ex) sentence?


      ex) rs2:: frameset align_frame = ...... allocate_composite_frame......



      OR, is there any function like "depth_aligned_to_color" in D435 like SR300?



      thank you!