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    ZR300 usb 3.0 case


      Is there any way that I can buy the USB 3.0 case with the micro-coax cables?

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          If you have a ZR300 caseless module that you want to turn into a USB device, it would be feasible to turn it into a USB device, I believe, with the purchase of the connector parts and interposer component to join onto the main module board.  Such conversions have been done with the ZR300's closely related predecessor the R200.



          My favorite reference source for interposer and cable parts is Rutronik, who are an Intel Authorized Distributor.   The old RealSense cameras tended to use the same parts between different models, so it is probable that the R200's parts would fit the ZR300 module board.




          Interestingly for those considering doing a USB conversion for 400 Series caseless module board cameras, Rutronik apparently stock an interposer for the D400. 




          The connector parts for plugging in a USB cable into a caseless module board are sourced from a company called I-Pex.


          Can you buy the IPEX connector for the r200 anywhere?


          I have never known the casings for RealSense cameras to be a separately purchasable item though, unfortunately.

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