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    Can BIOS be unlocked on D945GTP?


      I work part-time at a local electronics shop, and the owner buys a lot of obsolete desktop pc's. Occasionally a relatively newer model comes through that is worth configuring for a casual home user. Recently one came in with an Intel D945GTP board. I am trying to build a desktop pc for a friend with this board. I have connected her old hard drive to the system which has Windows 7 installed. The BIOS is password protected and it is configured to boot first from a hard drive, then secondly from the lan connection, and no other options are enabled. I would like to get the BIOS unlocked and restored to OEM specs.


      When booting normally, Intel Boot Agent GE v. 1.2.28 loads. When it does not find a connection through the lan, it will boot Windows from the hard drive.


      After pressing F2 at boot up, a prompt for the password appears. I have just hit the enter key, after which the BIOS settings are displayed. However, "exit without saving" is my only option.

      In the BIOS, there is a message under "Additional Information" stating "Intel Integrator Toolkit has modified this BIOS."


      I am unable to make any changes to the BIOS, so I cannot set it to boot first from CDROM or USB of floppy disk.


      I was able to successfully perform a BIOS restore function with a floppy disk and removal of the BIOS jumper, but it did not restore the BIOS to its original state. As best I can tell it made no changes to the BIOS.


      If I try to flash the BIOS through Windows, I get an error that the task cannot be performed. I cannot flash it from a USB or floppy disk drive or CDROM because the BIOS does not look at those sources when booting.


      Is there a way to restore the BIOS to OEM settings without the password?