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    Do I need to defrag my hdd if I use optane with it?


      I was wondering if I need to, or even if it is possible, to defrag my hdd while using it in conjunction with an optane module?

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          Hello rdxlcti,


          Thanks for posting in our communities. Your thread as been moved to Intel® Optane™ Memory support.


          Once you enable Intel Optane memory, both Intel Optane memory and the accelerated SATA drive appear as one SSD volume to the operating system. As a result, the options for defrag aren't available.


          You can find more information about Intel Optane memory features and requirements here:


          - Overview and Requirements for Intel® Optane™ Memory
          - Frequently Asked Questions for Intel® Optane™ Memory


          EDIT: Just for you to know, defrag is not available since it is not required. The Intel® Rapid Storage Driver (used by Intel Optane Memory) takes charge of maintenance and garbage collection functions on the accelerated drive.


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          Eugenio F.

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            I'm in the same situation.

            Optane + HDD = SSD (viewed by O&O Defrag).


            I disabled  Optane and I defragged my HDD and rebuilt it after.


            I have to remove softwares. I have to "clean up"  my HDD.

            It will inevitably be fragmented.


            My questions are :

            - is this the correct method?

            - How many times can I disable and reactivate the Optane memory?

            - or no defrag. Optane optimises the system.

            There is an information in Optane software:

            "last optimization on xxx at yy:yy.

            Nest optimization on ddd at tt:tt."


            (sorry for my english. I hope you understand what I say/want to do).


            Thanks a lot for your answer.