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    Clock_watchdog_timeout/WHEA_uncorrectable_Error on EVERY reboot


      On Friday the 13:th (...) my cad software crashed and then seconds later the I got BSOD with stopcode:Clock_watchdog_timeout uploading the dump failed and after 2h I rebooted the machine. The machine restared and I was ablo to log in and work for some minutes before the same thing occurred again. This happened several times but the stopcode changed to WHEA_uncorrectable_Error. Then i was unable to start windows at all BSOD seconds after leaving bios. I was able to start in safemode for a couple of times, then that stopped working to:(


      The i tried booting a Ubuntu liveCD(16.04) this also fails with MCE (Hardware Error) CPU 0 Machine Check Execption 0 Bank 4 /TCS 0 ADDR/CPU 4 Machine Check Execption 0 Bank 3 /PROCESSOR 0:906ea TIME


      My Hardware is:

      Motherboard ASUS Prime z370-A (Bios Ver. 0614)

      CPU Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700k @3.70 GHz

      Memory 64GB(DDR4 2133MHz)

      Kingston SSD

      Seagate 1TB Hybrid HDD

      Graphic Card: Palit Nvidia 1080

      CORSAIR 600w


      What I've tried this far is:

      • Updating BIOS to latest
      • Running IPDT(UEFI 64 version) - Reported no error
      • Booting multiple OS all fail after a few second with a reboot (some times just hangs)
      • Changed Graphic card - Same Issue
      • Different memory in different DIMM slots
      • Changed the PSU
      • Removing all disks and only booting from USB stick


      The default settings on the MotherBoard is

      Turbo Mode: Enable and EIST: Enabled


      changed that to disable

      I did get the feeling that the time until BSOD was longer, but no science behind that.


      As far i can see the Temp can not be an issue since the i never see any temp above 30C in bios.


      Im stuck here So what is left the MotherBoard and the CPU itself.


      The system is fairly new ~3 months and I have never had any issues before of any kind.


      i Hope someone can give me some new inputs here