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    DG33BU is BIOS update really needed for E7200

      Dear experts, I need a minute of yr time:


      I use a PC based on DG33BU board, BIOS version 0293, E4500, Win XP Pro (32 bit).

      I have performance problems with architectural 2D and 3D SW running large files.


      I have an E7200 at hand which I want to try on bord.


      The info on Intel website for DG33BU implies that the minimum BIOS version for: E4500, E7200 as well as E8400 is: 0497


      How come 0479 is min for my current E4500, while it basically functions well on the original 0293?

      Would the E7200 work with the 0293? I cannot find the answer to that on Intel web. Everybody warns me against getting involved with BIOS update and if 0293 is not going to work, the hustle of changing CPUs is for nothing.


      I'd like yr educated advise (for a handy engineer but with no practical experience with PC hardware)