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    Dell 3521 HD 4000 A/V Receiver


      I have a Denon X2300W A/V Receiver and a Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop with a Intel HD 4000 graphics card 8GB Ram and Windows 10.

      I have my receiver set to pass through for the Aux 1 HDMI input on the front of the receiver.

      My receiver is connected to my 60" Vizio TV. If I connect directly from laptop to the TV, Windows sees the TV as a second monitor.

      All other inputs on the receiver such as Satellite, Xbox1, Xbox 360 and PS3 work as they should.

      When I connect my HDMI out on my laptop to the Aux 1 HDMI input on the receiver, Windows and the Intel graphics software do not recognize the receiver/ TV. If I try to setup/ Detect a second monitor in Windows, there is nothing recognized.

      I have tried calling Denon and they have no answers, I tried researching on line and still cannot find a solution. I have tried booting everything up in various orders but there is no communication between the laptop and the receiver that allows me to connect to the TV.

      I know I could go about connecting directly to the TV and either connect my headphones out or TV audio out to the receiver. I do not prefer to connect this way. I prefer Laptop to Receiver, Receiver to TV.

      The best I can determine is an issue with EDID but I have no experience in modifying Windows in this manner, IF EDID is the issue.

      In the Intel Graphics Properties, there is no "Advanced Option", only "Basic" and no 2nd display detected when connected to the Denon Reveiver.

      Has anyone else had this issue and what was your solution?


      Thanks in advance,