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    Save and load recordings in D415


      Hi I'm unclear as to how to properly save and load recordings in the D415.


      Saving each frame as a png is too performance heavy. If you do that, Intel Realsense will save approximately 1 image per second. Our application needs at least 30 images to be saved per second.


      I also tried to save each image as a cv::Mat bu again, this means that the sdk will only save 1 image per second.


      I looked into the source code of the realsense viewer, and they somehow save frames using the librealsense frame classes rather than the rs2 frame classes, where they have a ros_writer class actually write each frame as a ros message.


      I'm fine with using the code from the realsense viewer to save recordings, but I need to somehow convert these recordings into a set of separate cv::Mat data pieces.


      I tried to use the ros_reader class to do this, but unfortunately I'm getting a bunch of unresolved symbol references when doing this. Its very similar to this problem, except its for ros bag rather than opencv


      Does anyone know how to record a stream quickly in the form of a bunch of images(or a format that can somehow be read as a bunch of cv::Mat data pieces eventually), or alternatively a way to read the .bag recording files supplied by the realsense viewer?