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    Display Driver has stopped responding and has recovered


      Very generic issue I know, but I couldn't find a solution that works for me.


      So, Hi everyone, Sometimes when I watch a gif or a video in Firefox I have this message:


                "Display Driver has stopped responding and has recovered".


      The text beside precises it's about Intel Graphics Accelerator Drivers for Windows 8(R).

      So first reflex: check the driver update.


      - When I go on the intel site I can't find the driver corresponding to my OS.


      - When I use the Intel® Driver & Support Assistant it tells me everything is up to date.


      - When I use the constructor website (Asus) the driver won't install because:


               "This computer doesn't meet the minimum requirements to install this driver software"


      or something along these lines.


      So do anyone have an idea that could help me please ?


      Precisions about my configuration:


      Asus R500A

      Windows 8.1 (former 8) 64 bits

      Intel® HD Graphics


      Thanks in advance.