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    Safely remove icon gone.


      I have installed Intel rst drivers and now my computer does not show the  ‘safely remove device’ icon. I cant find a similar option to eject the  hdd’s like I could using the ‘safely remove’ icon.

      My question is, does the Intel rst software that installs along side  the drivers replace it to the point where I can now just pull out my  hard drive and push it back in with out any ill-effect? 

      Or does it mean the Intel rst install screwed up my ability to  safely remove my hdd’s?

      Using the built-in win7 64bit sata ahci driver let me use the ‘safely  remove device’ icon with no problem.

      Any help appreciated.

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          Here is a command which can bring up the safely remove tool from Windows XP.

          Run this command from Run toolbar.

          rundll32 shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL hotplug.dll


          Otherwise, another thing to check is:

          Right click on Start Taskbar >> Go to Properties.

          Select Always show for safely remove icon.

          See screenshot below.


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          12-04-2010 13-03-42.png

          12-04-2010 13-05-06.png

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            Hey, thanks for the reply.

            My apologies, I guess I did not explain it well enough.


            Fresh install of Win7 64bit.

            I have 2 hard drives 1 screwed into a drive bay inside the case, the other inserted into a removable hard drive bay I can externally pull out the hard disk from.


            With the default win7 driver the safely remove device icon works and I can ‘eject’ my second drive with out restarting the computer. See pic: http://i40.tinypic.com/351947c.jpg


            Install Intel RST and I no longer have the safely remove icon appear bottom right of screen and thus no way to safely remove my 2nd hard disk without a computer reboot. Instead I get a new icon for the RST I just installed and no where in that program is an equivalent to ‘safely remove devices’ icon. See pic:



            I have tried forcing the safely remove device window to be displayed and it has nothing in it. See pic:



            If I put in a usb flash drive or such the safely remove icon comes back and works fine for the device I just plugged in but still not for the second hard drive.

            Its not the hard drive as I have 8 hard drives I want to swap in and out all different makes and models.


            Does the RST automatically do the ejecting now and I can just remove the hard disk drives and insert them again with out damaging them. Or has the RST drivers broken the ability to safely remove my hard drives ?

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              Hello again,


              Unfortunately, i dont have an answer for this.


              I have changed the subject title; hopefully someone else can help you on this.


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                I am installing Windows 7 64 bit on a new PC and have just had exactly the same experience.  A hard drive that I use in a hot swap tray was working fine, and the "Safely Remove" icon would appear, until I got around to installing the RST drivers.  After that, it never appeared again.   Did you ever solver your problem?