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    Screen flickering after driver install for Intel HD graphics family with ssd


      Hi guys, I have a Lenovo G50-70 model 20351 with windows 7 64 and I just installed a ssd as a secondary drive (with a caddy) and my screen started flickering/glitching.

      I took out my original hdd (1Tb) and installed windows 7 on the ssd (Patriot Burst 120Gb) as a single drive. Everything ok, until I installed the video driver, then flickering started again.

      I changed to windows 10/64, same thing. Flickering starts with the installment of the diver. It doesn't matter if it's older or newer driver.

      It doesn't flicker with the windows generic driver, but then I can't adjust the brightness, put the computer into sleep mode or get the best performance.



      Any advice?