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    Dxx Multi-Camera Sync via Connector Port & Cable


      Hi all,


      Is synchronization of the Dxx cameras using the connector port with an additional cable to carry the sync signal supported yet? As detailed in the white paper  "Using the RealSense Dxx Depth Sensors in Multi-Camera Configurations" by Grunnet-Jepsen et al.


      If so, is there a specific firmware requirement? If not, any guidance on when support for this will be available is much appreciated.


      Thank you!

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello SMM77, 

          Thanks for posting in the RealSense community. 

          The external Syncronization for the D400 cameras is still under development. When released it will be published in the front page of the community with all the details to make it work. 

          The estimated time to be released is Q2 2018, any time of the Q2. 

          Thanks for your understanding. 

          Best Regards, 
          Juan N.