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    NUC7i7BNH WiFi connectivity issues




      The issues with the Wifi started from day one. After installing Windows 10 Pro the wifi already worked (Win10 installed already some drivers).

      Then suddenly even though the Wifi icon on the taskbar still shows as connected I received the dinosaur of Chrome.

      After some time the website was refreshed and loaded successfully.

      This was repeating every once and a while... Can happen 2-3 times in an hour or nothing happens for few hours.


      I then downloaded the drivers from Intel site and installed it. For some reason, Win10 updated my driver to a newer version ( that is not appearing on Intel site.

      Supposed to be great for me a better driver, but Wifi still not working well, the same issue.


      Now, whenever this happened I change from the 5GHz to 2.4GHz, but the same issue happens here as well.

      I find myself changing the connections every once and a while.


      Before this happens I experience slowing of the internet speed, but not sure if this is the network or the adapter.


      I'm using an older version of NUC5i7 and NUC5i5 with no issues, but this new computer makes my life complicated as I sometimes streaming halts and download of files stops in the middle and I need to load all over again.


      I search for cases like this on the web but didn't find something about that, I did turn off the save power on the Power Managment tab of the adaptor setting, I checked that the computer will not put to sleep the adapter, but nothing helps.


      Is there anything you can think of or recommend me to do, besides install the computer from the beginning as I already installed all my programs and defined lots of things on it.



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          Intel Corporation
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          Thank you very much for sharing your issue with the Intel Communities Team, regit.

          Can you please update your BIOS? Download the latest BIOS version (0062) by clicking here and follow this guide to complete the installation. Furthermore, what happens when you connect your NUC via ethernet cable? Is this issue shown? Additionally, is this issue happening with other browsers?

          Antony S.

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            Thank you, Anthony, for the information.

            I tried it and the connection is much more stable and only have very short pauses from time to time for 2-5 seconds (mainly while using Youtube).

            The other issue that I forgot to write about it and still continue is that after a long time the computer is in sleep mode and I turn it on, the WiFi will not connect automatically even though the checkbox is checked.


            Any idea why and how to solve it?

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              I have similar problem when i connect a usb3 HDD to NUC, the usb3 will conflict wifi.  so i had to down grade my usb3 hdd addapter to usb2.

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                Anthony, finally after hours of working straight with the NUC, the Wifi stopped responding, after 30 seconds I switched between the 5GHz to the 2GHz and everything got back to normal.

                I also checked on Edge the same time the Chrome stopped and the same situation no connection, even though that the Taskbar icon of the Wifi shows it is connected and other computers do work.


                I don't have any USB3 devices connected.

                I'm using the HDMI to connect to one screen and DisplayLink USB adaptor to connect to another screen.

                On top, I'm using Bluetooth connection for Logitec keyboard and Evoluent mouse (no connectivity issues here).


                Hope it helps.

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                  Intel Corporation
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                  Hello, regit. Thank you for your response.

                  I would like to clarify: This issue just happens with the drivers provided by Windows*? And, what happens when you install the Intel® Drivers? Are you able to test them before they are updated?

                  Antony S.

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                    hi regit

                    A “DisplayLink USB adaptor”  is working in usb3 mode, so you do have usb3 device.

                    you can disconnect your "DisplayLink USB adaptor" and make test if your wifi will resume.