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    Intel RST



      I upgraded into Windows 10 X64 (Fresh Install) and had the BSOD screens coming up every time i wake up the computer from sleep. I updated the Intel RST drivers to the latest which seems to solve the BSOD problem but a new issue came up now which is every time the computer wakes up from sleep it completely freezes i just close the lid to put it to sleep and then wake it up again and it works.

      I have 4 SSD disks in my laptop that are on RAID 0.

      the RST driver that am running is which is dated the 12th of Oct, 17.

      an help will be greatly appreciated.

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          Al Hill

          Providing the processor model number will help the Intel support staff.



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            I attached the system scan Hill

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              Al Hill

              Ouch!   Your processor is EIGHT years old!

              Intel® Core™ i7-640M Processor (4M Cache, 2.80 GHz) Product Specifications


              The bad news is your processor is not supported on windows 10.


              Regarding Intel RST, let us see what the intel support staff have to say.



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                Intel Corporation
                This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                Hello AhmedA,

                Thank you for joining the Intel Community Support.

                It seems that you are experiencing Blue Screens of Death because of incompatibility issues.

                As stated before by Al Hill, your processor is not supported on Windows®  10. Besides, the first Intel® RST that supports Windows® 10 was designed to provide functionality for Intel® 8 Series Chipsets. Now, according to the report attached, your motherboard has an Intel(R) 5 Series/3400 Series chipset. 

                We recommend you to reinstall an operating system supported by your system.  

                Wanner G.

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                  I don't think you read my post or missed the important part.

                  I WAS getting BSODs before i update my drivers but currently it FREEZES only on wake up from sleep.


                  it is not that big of an issue but thought there might be a solution somewhere.

                  i don't believe the process age has anything to do with this problem as the computer functioning flawlessly.


                  i didn't comment on Hills reply because it is not the right place to get into debate regarding the processor or the laptop.

                  it is actually one of the best laptops I have used unfortunately Sony stopped making laptops or supporting them.

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                    Al Hill

                    There is no debate.  The answer is simply one of what is supported and what is not. 

                    Read this: Does My Intel® Processor Support Microsoft Windows® 10?


                    And, everything is not working fine.  If it were, you would not be here.



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                      it is not a processor issue. it is an RST issue for two reasons:


                      1- I had the same problem with windows 7 before i upgrade (Freezing issues).

                      2. connecting a caddy with a hard disk instead of the DVD driver and running windows works without any issues.

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                        Al Hill

                        Alwaeli, you are still unsupported.


                        And, explain how you are running FOUR SSDs in this laptop.  Did the laptop come with the CADDY?  How are you running FOUR SSDs and  a HARD DISK?.

                        It sounds to me like this hardware configuration would not be supported by SONY.


                        Did this laptop come with WIndows 7 x32 or x64, or some other OS?


                        Provide the model number of this laptop.



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                          please check the specs of the laptop


                          VPCZ138GA Specifications | Sony TW


                          it comes with 4 X 64GB samsung SSDs (samsung mmcre28gqdxp-mvb).

                          The SSD disks (Flash) are very small so they fit well into the laptop.


                          It does not come with a caddy.You can buy one everywhere just to extend the storage or for testing.

                          I used it just to isolate the issue and removed it afterwards.


                          Just in case the link gets removed the model is VPCZ138GA

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                            Al Hill

                            Has it always had the problems you described, even under Windows 7?  How long have you had this laptop?  Did you purchase it new?



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                              problem started after Windows 7 SP2. My first free upgrade to windows 10 didn't go well so i installed a fresh windows 10.

                              i had the laptop for a while and it was new when i got it.

                              the performance of this  laptop is incredible thats why i am holding to, it is light and with great resolution and haven't had any major problem with it since i bought it other than this.

                              i have its predecessor the VPCZSB18GA but it is not a match to this one. i think this thread is going beyond the purpose but it was a nice discussion so far.


                              we reached a point where the process speed doesn't make a difference anymore unless you run some video editing or simulations which i dont do both.

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                                Al Hill



                                There was no SP2 for Windows 7 from Microsoft, as far as I know.


                                The purpose for my questions is to try to isolate when this began.  So, tell me about this W7 SP2 update - from where did you get it?  If it was some roll-up that some third party made, I would recommend against that.  Have you tried a fresh install of W7 with SP1, then applying all of the updates?  Yes, there are a couple of hundred and it takes hours.


                                Also, while there are plenty of caddys that can be used to add an additional hard drive to many laptops, they do not always provide 100% functionality.  I had a laptop where I added a caddy.  The hard drive was recognized and worked fine.  Then, I wanted to boot from it.  This was not possible due to the bios not recognizing the drive in the caddy as a boot drive.


                                Your laptop sounds like a very nice machine and I can understand your efforts.  Maybe we can isolate the issue under Windows 7.  As for Windows 10, it is just not supported.


                                And, one more question - I am assuming you have the latest bios that was available from Sony?



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                                  there were many updates after SP1, some call it roll up and some call it SP2 but you are right the name is not a microsoft name.

                                  the process you mentioning below is time consuming and  not worth the try as i am already on windows 10 and cant go back to 7 even with a caddy.


                                  the caddy worked fine for me with a SATA harddisk but it was just for testing not for long time (couple of weeks actually)


                                  now the BIOS part is a little big tricky as Sony didn't release any updates for their hardware for windows 10 and this laptop has a double video cards.

                                  i had to batch the BIOS so that the graphic card is selected before booting windows instead of after booting windows (there is a switch that can be used to select the graphic card which works with Windows 7 but not 10. it has three settings, Stamina, speed and auto)

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                                    Al Hill

                                    A bios update should be independent of the OS. If you have the latest that they made, that is the best you can do.


                                    Yes, hundreds of updates after a fresh install is a pain.  I just did a fresh install of W7 this past weekend.  But, with this SP2 you have, the only way to eliminate it as a problem is to do the fresh install, and then the massive amount of updates.


                                    Regarding your freezing issue, it could well be related to the dual graphics you have.  And, the bad part is there is no driver for the intel graphics for W10 on your machine.  And, the latest from nvidia for W10 is from December 2016.


                                    Have you tried updating the nvidia graphics?  Does your bios have an option for disabling one or the other?



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