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    help, my CPU gets "tired"



      I have a little problem with my Pentium D Dual-Core 3.20GHz CPU.

      first of all I never had this problem before...


      so my CPU gets tired or something, im saying tired because I noticed it happens after doing something demanding such as playing video-games or watching videos on youtube.


      everything is going fine and all of a sudden it becomes slow, the frames-per-second rate in video-games drops significantly, if Im watching a video the video also becomes very slow(frame by frame), and ofcourse its not just the video-game or the video.. my whole OS(Windows XP) becomes very slow and the CPU fan's speed drops.

      the thins I do to get it back to normal is restarting the computer, but it happens again and its not at certain points, it could happen at anytime during any demanding action.


      so I thought maybe the problem is with the OS so I re-installed the Windows but still the problem persists.

      its like the CPU really gets tired.


      does anyone know what's going on and how can I fix it?




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          It sounds like the CPU is  overheating, and tehrefore throttling itself (slowing down) as to not overheat too much.

          Check the CPU fan is clean, maybe clean it all up and reinstall the cpu with fresh thermal paste, you could also monitor CPU usage and temperaturs

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            based on your explanation, there are many factor contributing to your issue here..


            i would suggest you to closely monitor your pc heat and windows background executing programs..


            sometimes.. factors can contribute to your problems...


            suggest you to have enough ram for your daily pc needs... as software demands on ram has rose rapidly among the past years

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              hi sages here you need to get the heat down the contributing factor is that when the thermal throttle kicks in is brings down the core clock to help the heat issue i have a c2d at 4.0 ghz and that overheated on the stock fan so what you need to do is what i did google the thermaltake spinq cpu cooler for the lga 775 socket and buy that. it works wonders id know i have it and it has worked at full speed ever since it came out of the box my cpu specs are 2.0ghz fsb and 4.0 ghz core 2 duo processor i achived that on air and you can to is you have that cpu cooler!  oh yeah thats right i forgot the 64nm architecture can overheat fast and its slow so if you can upgrade get the c2d