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    Intel stck1a32wfc - A great little Linux computer


      After experiencing a number of problems when running Windows 10, build 1709, I gave it best and decided to try Linux. I reformatted the hard drive to GPT with 3 partitions, 550Mb fat32, swap 5Gb, remainder ext4 mounted as / for combined root and home partition (adjust sizes to taste).

      Then I tried various distributions (live at first) to see to what degree they would install.  I really wasn't expecting much, having read the published doom and gloom about Linux performance with this stick.  It seems that with kernels post 4.12, the situation has much improved with the standard download.

      To whet your appetite, Mx and Netrunner Linux among others install straight up, Peppermint and Mint require a bit of tweaking to get the wireless adapter to work (see Peppermint Forum for fix).

      The stck1a32wfc make a great Linux box: try your favourite distribution to see how it performs.  If you add a micro card, then you can have two distributions, one static and the other to experiment with.