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    how to remove intel nuc 6cayh case


      I have an Akasa Newton AC case sold specifically for the Intel NUC 6CAYH. And I have the NUC. I managed to disassemble the case to a point, but the motherboard seems glued into the metal case. There are no more screws visible after removing the top and bottom and screws holding the motherboard.


      An internet search fails to show an instruction for disassembly of this model, and it is different internally than some of the older models.


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          Hello Labdoc, 

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          This board is held down by two small black screws. Once you remove those last two screws, you should be able to lift the board slightly and take it out of the chassis. It is easier when you press down the edge of the chassis near the front panel and push the board backward to take it out.

          Take a look at the following thead, too.

          Be careful while removing the board from the Intel® NUC because you may void the warranty of the unit. 

          Please let me know how it goes. 

          Wanner G.

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            Hi Wanner,

            The NUC has a shield inside the outer case. The shield is closely applied to the case and, over the ethernet port and USB ports on the rear side, there are flanges protruding into the case that prevent lifting the motherboard once it is loose. I can see how it could be removed by shearing the flanges and likely the rear of the case, but not otherwise. I have stopped trying and I will return the Akasa case tomorrow. Thanks for trying to solve the problem.