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    Intel SSD 540s M.2 SSD Toolbox Reports Diagnostic Error


      My Intel SSD 540s M.2 hard drive will not pass the "Read Scan" on the diagnostic scan in the Intel Solid-State Drive Toolbox v3.5.2.  The computer has some strange issues going on in the last couple of weeks or so so I started investigating hardware issues.  If I open Windows Explorer and type something in the search box the computer may or may not keep functioning.  When the system fails (after about a minute) the computer will say that the Intel 540s drive "D" drive is no longer accessible and the system becomes unstable.  Now my system is a little different.  The machine, an Intel NUC6i7KYK, is built with a smaller 500GB Samsung 950Pro NVMe drive for "C" drive and the Windows installation, and a second SSD, my Intel 540S 1TB drive is "D" drive and the "Users" directory is moved there.  The Intel drive has all my data stored on it and the Samsung (high speed drive) runs the system.  This configuration was done as windows was installed via a sysprep XML file and Audit mode and has worked perfectly for some time (about 2 years).  The Intel drive toolbox showed the firmware for my 540S drive was old (LSBG100), so I used Firmware Update Tool v3.0.1 to update the firmware (LSF042C).  The update was successful and the machine seems to work OK but the Toolbox Quick Diagnostic Scan fails the read scan with "Error: An error was detected reading data from the selected Intel SSD. Contact your reseller or local Intel representative for assistance."  The Data Integrity test passes 100%.  I haven't done the full diagnostic test.  I don't know if this is a driver issue or not but my drivers were the latest drivers from the Intel support site but I have now switched "Device Installation Settings" from blocking Microsoft from updating drivers to now allowing Microsoft to update the drivers.  So I don't know if they've been adjusted through Windows update.  This is a scary issue when 900GB of your PC data suddenly fails (I have a backup).