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    Problem with intel drivers: Blank applications with Intel GPU; Works with Nvidia.




      I have a problem with the intel drivers: some applications appear blank without content and the only solution is to run such app with the Nvidia GPU.


      It even happens with the intel update utility, and the last issue is with Unity. The strange part is that THERE IS content in there even if it doesn't show it, so when I move the mouse over the window the mouse icon changes accordingly to the content that should be displayed.


      I'm attaching 2 pictures with intel vs nvidia.


      Laptop specs: MSI GE62 2QD APACHE PRO

      CPU: i7-5700HQ 2.70GHZ (Intel HD 5600)

      Current Intel driver version: (Manufacturers)

      Windows build: 1803 Build 17133.1


      What I tried:

      Reinstalling intel drivers

      Using the Windows Update drivers

      Using the drivers from the manufacturer site (MSI)


      I sent a couple of reports to Microsoft but still no answer.


      Edit: Added more info.