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    X710-DA2 with i40e driver : PTP over UDP




      I can read from : https://www.intel.com/content/dam/www/public/us/en/documents/specification-updates/xl710-10-40-controller-spec-update.pd…  that :


      Starting from NVM image revision 5.05, the 710-series device does not process IEEE 1588 (TimeSync) PTP packets in the UDP payload. It only processes PTP packets using the Layer 2 packet format.


      Starting in NVM 6.01, this is supported.

      So the Firmware of the NIC apparently supports it since the start of 2018.



      I have been able to find in the changelog of the i40e driver from end 2016 :

      changelog for i40e-1.5.25


      * De-feature L3 (UDP) PTP frame detection and timestamping on XL710 devices.

        Support for L2 PTP frame detection and timestamping remains.


      But I can't find a recent driver changelog that says that the feature is back in the driver.

      Is the feature back in the driver or not yet ?


      Thank you.