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    Intel DH55TC - Ethernet Problem


      Hey guys,


      I am also having a problem with this latest bios update on this board.

      When I am imaging our machines using wpe, i use ipconfig and it shows up blank. In bios the LAN port is enabled and there is nothing wrong with the network or the ethernet cable.


      Once the PC is imaged (using a PCI ethernet adapter) I am able to get into windows. Once inside windows I go into the Network an Sharing Centre which says that the "network cable is unplugged" so i run a diagnostics and it comes back as "there is a driver or hardware issue".


      Any sugestions?


      The wierd this is, it doesnt happen on all of them, out of the 10 identical systems that I have just built, only 2 of them have had this problem.


      Please help, and if you can please email me at adam.wootton@hitsolutions.com.au.


      Kindest Regards,


      Adam Wootton.

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          I'm having ethernet controller issues with this board as well (Win 7 64-bit OS). On the first boot of the day, the ethernet controller does not work. "There is a problem with the device" is the report from Device Manager. In Device Manager, under the "driver" tab for the controller, I can disable it, and then re-enable, and everything works. Subsequent boots within a few hours are ok. Updating both the driver and BIOS to the latest have had no effect. Hopefully Intel will chime in here with some insight.