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    DP55WG - System reboots spontaneously


      I have built a system with the DP55WG motherboard, Core I5-750 CPU, 4x2048MB Mushkin memory, ASUS 9500 Videocard, and Intel 160GB 2nd Gen SSD.

      The problem is that the system reboots spontaneously without any warning or anything being logged in the BIOS log or any of the Windows 7 logs.  I'm running Windows 7 x86-64 and have the latest DP55WG BIOS from April 01 (Ver. 4905).

      I've never dealt with such an issue even though I worked and built PCs for the past 10 years.  I've used Memtest86+ Ver. 4.0 prior to loading Windows 7 to test the memory and I ran it for 72 hours without any problems.  Later when I had loaded Windows and a few minutes after the bare Windows 7 x86-64 installation the screen went blank and it was at the BIOS POST screen again for no apparent reason.  I reformatted the system and reloaded Windows 7 x86-64 OS again and after loading the Intel Chipset Inf driver and during the loading of some other drivers the system restarted spontaneously again.  The screen basically goes blank in the middle of doing something and the system simply comes up at the initial BIOS POST screen.

      Today I tried running Memtest86+ Ver. 4.0 again and the system restarted after 30 minutes, even though in my earlier initial test it ran for three days straight.  Could it be a component failure and where do I start?

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          Hi, at this point it could be abything at all.

          You have a few options, this is what i would do:

          1.take everything off the system that oyu od not need (so completly minimal, 1 RAM, 1 hdd etc)

          2. leave it in the hardware monitoring page of BIOS to see if it jams or restarts.(this will point more towards HW /SW)

          3. Try another operating system, from a clean install, make sure to install teh drivers from teh website and in this order: chipset/audio/video/lan/etc

          4. Other than this the only thing you can do is test each component in turn and by process of elimination see what is faulty.

          Also you didnt say what PSU you are using.

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            I'm using a Coolermaster 80Plus 600Watt Silent Pro.  I've replaced the I5-750 with an I5-660 and things are running smooth again.  I'm currently still stress-testing, but all things seem normal now, so it seems the CPU was causing a problem.

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              I actually have the same problem with my DP55SB board. Sysem reboots very usual especially when I use Win7 WMP  play music, system become more likely to shutdown spontaneously. I am still testing on my on-board sound card ( Realtek High Definition),because I found system won't crazy reboot when I stop Realtek High Definition funtion. But, however, problem is still not solved.

              My board, CPU, power supply and memories are just bought last week

              CPU: I7 860

              Power supply: Be quiet straight power E7 CM 580W

              Memories: OCZ DDR3 PC3-10666 2G x 4

              Bios firmware is Ver. 4905


              Can someone  help me?

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                Have you guys verified that there is no overheating?  Are the CPU/VReg LED's staying off, or do they ever turn on?  Are you positive that the power supplies you are using actually provide enough power on each of the rails you have them connected to?  Have you tried increasing voltage to CPU Core, CPU UnCore, RAM, etc?


                So many things could be causing this issue which are 100% based on user configuration.

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                  Hi, everybody. I have the same problem but I Have the next:

                  DH55HC Mainboard with an i3-530,

                  PSU 500w 10amp.

                  Video card PCIe Zotac Gforce 9600 GSO512 1gb ddr3

                  Kingston KVRD1333DDR3 2gbx2

                  HDD WD Caviar Sata 250 gb.

                  Samsung DVD writer Sata.

                  Windows 7 32b


                  All new, never used. When I get this aprox a month, I have an HDD WD Caviar 320Gb, with Windows 7 32b. Since the beginnig it rebbots frequently, and the HDD 320 get damage, I replaced it with 250 gb and get the video card thinking that was the problem, but no resolve the problem, it is still present, I hope Intel people can help us to solve this.

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                    Your processor is not supported

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                      Cuold you explain more detail, is it related to CPU microcode does not support this CPU or the chipset does not this CPU, or someyhing else?