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    Memory modules to NUC7I7DNKE


      I just bought a NUC kit NUCI7DNKE and looking for memory RAM modules.

      In the "tested Componenst" list for memory RAM modules I only see a very few "Intel validated".




      No RAM modules from Kingston is valid regarding to this list. !? 


      Is there a list of mode valid modules ?  (I'm looking for 2 x 4 GB modules preferable at 2400 MHz.)


      Regards Kurt.

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello Kurt47k
          Thank you for your contacting us regarding your Intel® NUC Kit NUC7i7DNKE and the list of compatible memories (RAM) for the unit, it will be more than a pleasure to assist you.
          In this case, the list from the link that you posted (that includes 13 compatible modules) is a list of Intel validated memories that have been tested in our laboratories, so we strongly recommend sticking to the list of RAM memories that provided full performance during our tests.
          On the following link:
          You will find the system memory requirements for your NUC, meaning that as long as a RAM memory meets the requirements that are specified on the link, the module should work just fine, however we do not guarantee the compatibility of it.
          For more information you can contact the module manufacturer to make sure that it meets the specified requirements
          I hope to hear from you soon.
          Best Regards,

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            Thanks for the answer.

            I will searh for RAM and have the answer in mind.


            I will look forward to see more intel validated memory modules from more manufactures.Not only 4 intel validated.


            Regards Kurt.

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              I agree with the list being to short and contain lots of memories not usually sold to end users; from regular PC / NUC reseller web shops (at least here in Sweden) the brands Hynix, Micron, Samsung are quite uncommon, they are either not sold much to end-users, or they are sold to end-users re-branded under other names. (Corsair, Crucial, Kingston etc are the name-brands what most web shops offers.)


              I think I spent one or two hours to find one memory stick that could be sent to me urgently that was on the list.

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                Intel Corporation
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                Hello Kurt47k and blaufish,

                I understand that you consider the list of tested memories not big enough.

                Regarding this, I would like to mention that the memories you see there are only "tested" by Intel  and they are not the only memories compatible with the unit, in fact you can refer to the device's technical product specification page to find the requirements for the memory:


                ****Pages 19 - 20**** 

                There you will be able to see the requirements for the memory. As long as they have those requirements it should work, no matter the brand. 

                David V