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    82579 Gigabit Network Connection lost after Win7 Update


      After the last 2 Windows Updates , windows kicks out my Ethernet Controller from Device Manager


      Maybe its KB 890830, but I don't know for sure.

      After restore the System from last Recovery Point the network works as supposed.

      Means I have a network device again and an internet connection.


      Device Manager w/o Win Update:

      Geräte Manager ohne Win Update.jpg

      Device Manager after Win Update

      Geräte Manager nach Windows Update.jpg


      The Driver Version is Intel ProSet Version

      Alter Intel Treiber.jpg

      It's a bit old, I know. I didn't updated it since I bought the system.


      But, I tried to Update the Windows driver for 82579v and d/l PROWinx64Legacy.

      But update cancelled. Tells me i have to deinstall the intel driver.

      Keine Itel Installation.jpg

      I deinstalled the driver in the device Manager and still this message appears


      I installed "Intel Driver and Support Assistant" too, but it say no updates available.


      Any ideas?

      How to tell windows to not delete Device drivers?

      How do I update Device Driver w/o crashing system completely?

      Any other ideas?


      Thanks in advance




      Operating System:  Win7 64


      Sorry, english is not the best and not my mother tongue. My German is a lot better ;-)